Indoor activities for rainy days

It’s a rainy day and all your activities including the kids’ playtime has been put on a stop. Fret not, you may not be able to carry out your chores but you can wipe that frown of your kids’ faces by these fun indoor activities.

Rock On:

Time to dig out those crayons and art set and get ready for some innovations. You can gather medium sized stones from your backyard, wash them and start drawing colorful stuff on them. Make sure to cover all sides as this new art piece is going to serve as a self-made paper weight for you kids.


The art of making stuff by stepwise folding a paper is the ultimate fun indoor activity for you and your kids. It’s time to design your own fighter jets and race them to see who is the best aeronautical engineer in the house.

Folding beautiful birds like a crane and insects butterflies can also be a great choice for you girls. They can have fun and learn an interesting skill alongside.

Casino Royale:

TV is going to be there in the lounge forever, I think it’s time for you to start a much interesting activity of cards. No, don’t teach you kids how to play poker of course. But you can play Uno with them and have a whole lot of fun playing alongside your kids. Mommy and Melissa are going to be partners, and Daddy and Dave will be on the other side for this ultimate showdown of wits.

Board games:

Board games are the next most fun activity you can have with your kids inside the house. Games like ludo, draught, payday and monopoly intrigue a lot of children and you can play with the kids while they have fun and learn interesting new skills.

Reimagination of kiddie stories:

Bring out the writer in your kids, read out a popular children’s story and when you reach the critical point, let your kids take over the plot and make up a new ending. This is a great way of letting your children express themselves and their feeling. Parents look for activities that would open-up their kids to them, this is the perfect method of doing so, and having fun at the same time.


Inside the house is the perfect environment to play hide and seek with your kids. To boost their confidence and interest in the game, let the kids hide first and you take the task of finding them.

Deliberately fail a few times and compliment your kids on not letting him win. Children get all the happiness in the world when their parents are extremely proud with their efforts.

Also, you could play game which is known by many names, I played it ass “chocolate chocolate” in my childhood. The rules are simple: in a clear room, the inspector stands on one end, and the culprits on the other. The inspector turns around and says “chocolate” three times and the culprits will have to move forward towards the inspector without letting the inspector notice the movement.

If the inspector turns back around and spots someone moving, he or she is out, the game continues until everyone is out or the inspector is taped on the back. A real fun game to let the kids show their super-spy skills.

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