Outdoor activities on the cheap

Parenting is all about spending time with your children. Your kids are going to grow up real soon and have priorities of their own, and soon you will be missing them on a shadowy evening and wondering “Why didn’t we spend more time.”Don’t let anything come between your bonding with the kids, here are some cheap outdoor activities that you could do as a family.


Fire station visits:

Yes, most fire stations are rather friendly with parents and would give no trouble in arranging a tour. If your children love playing with toy trucks, this is the best time you are about to give them.

Children find such places very interesting, gigantic trucks, special equipment hanging around, uniform, this is everything a preschool kid dreams about. Hell, I am starting to remember my childhood days when I had a whole army of micro soldiers and fighter jets at my disposal.


Sports enthusiasm:

No one can resist sports, not even little kids. The outing will do you, and the kids very good. You don’t require a season’s pass or stand in line for hours to get tickets for local events, and they’re not that expensive too.

Sports like soccer, baseball, basketball and football attract a lot of boys, and not to forget the fun in rooting for your home team, making posters and taking part in singing motivational phrases for your time.

Gymnastics, swimming meets and other such sport intrigue a lot of girls and help them pick great role models for their future.


Backyard movie night:

Ah! The ultimate fun time for families are movies. What better atmosphere is there to watch movies than watching them in your background on a projected screen. All you need is a dark night full of start, some snacks, sheets to sit and lie on, and a projector. Put on that Home Alone series and you will be on to having the time of your life with your kids in no time.


Community service:

Countless opportunities of community service present themselves in any town. Suit up to volunteer with your kids, you will be helping them a learn tons of lifelong lessons and have fun at the same time. A majority of children’s mindset is developed by the actions they see others doing in their surroundings. Imagine how big-hearted you kids will be when they spend time around town with you and a bunch of great people helping their community in various ways.


Junior astronomers:

Buy a mini telescope and a star chart. Now every night before going to sleep you mess around into the space. Nothing can capture one’s mind like space does. The curiosity, the vast possibilities and not to forget the absolutely captivating view. This activity can provide your children with all the inspiration they need along with a really interesting hobby. Fresh air before going to a good night’s sleep also helps making them sleep better.



Why hire a garden when you can do it yourself with the help of your kids. Being innocently inclined towards nature, kids love the sight of green grass, flowers and mud. Every once a month, you can equip them with some dummy gloves and a dummy tool belt to make them feel like workers, and roll out to that distorted garden.

You are in charge of mowing the grass, your kids are in charge of the pattern by which you mow the lawn (find easy ones on the internet). You take care of stabilizing the roots of the plants and your kids can bring sand in small toy buckets for you and take care of the watering. and in the end, It’s time for mommy to spray water on all the hard working workers and get permission to enter the house.

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