Family routine

Establishing a daily routine to your child is a great way to show them some great advice they will carry for a long time.

Routines are important to teach your child(ren) some organization skills and a sense of responsibility.

They will also get healthy habits such as brushing their teeth, exercising and washing their hands

A daily routine is a way to teach your child(ren) what’s important to your family, it’s values. It will also be a good bonding experience for your family.

You can create a visual routine checklist/chart and stick it on the fridge or your child’s working desk so it will be easily available for him/her to check what’s need to be done at a certain time of the day.


A good idea would be to make this chart together with your child as a bonding family activity.

Don’t forget to make it fun and colorful as it would be also a nice time to learn or revise colors, numbers,…

Separate the different chores by time of the day, Morning, After school, Bedtime.

You can also create different chart for different routines : Daily routines for getting everyone ready for starting the day, Weekly routines to clean the house, clean up the garden,…

You could create a different routine chart also when leaving for holiday

Don’t overwhelmed your child with too many chores.

Put some fun and rewarding activities between the non-fun ones : Brush teeth, Shower, Give a hug, Eat breakfast, Hi-five, Go to school…

Tell your child what’s the benefit of the chores they are doing so they understand why they have to do these chores.

Congratulate them when they finished their chores, no need to go over the top, a simple “ Good job” will do 😉

Here’s some example of routines you can apply to your family. Each family is unique and should create their own routine specifically for their needs. You will have to be flexible and adapt your routine chart as your child will grow older.



-Make bed



-Brush teeth

-Get dressed

-Pack lunch

-Give a hug

-Go to school



-Get a kiss

-Have snack


-Dinner time

-Family/Play time



-Pick up toys and tidy room

-Pack backpack for the next day

-Shower/brush teeth

-Put on PJs

-Read a story

-Go to bed

-Have sweet dreams

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