Family bonding activities

Let’s be honest, we all are so busy in our daily routine lives that we almost forget to stay united.

Due to professional responsibilities, academic obligations, personal chores we are going far from living like a nice family.

Most families spend their weekends in the same house, but Mom reads a magazine, kids are playing on smart phones or tablets while Dad is watching TV.

The key ingredient of family bonding is not to be in the same room, but to spend some quality time together while putting aside the distractions. So, if you are also experiencing the same scenario than the following simple family bonding activities help you to make some wonderful memories with your family.

Weekend Gateways:

Hectic studies, boring business meetings and daily household chores drain the fun and excitement. Weekend gateway is a simple, short and one of the best ways to break out the same boring routine and spent some quality time together with your family. There are so many options you can go for a family picnic and enjoy some beautiful memories with your kids. You can go for a camping trip where you can explore the nature, cook food together, hike together and do so much fun. You can also go for vacations and experience the new places, people and food.

Art and Craft:

Let’s be creative..! Everyone loves this unique and fun loving activity, especially kids. Team up with your kids and create beautiful art and crafts. You can also add more fun by adding some kind of rewards.. This simple activity not only creates some amazing moments but also help your children to shape their skills. If your kids are small you can prefer coloring. Art and craft do not mean that you have to come up with something difficult or complex, but personalized coloring books can also make great experience.

Movie Night:

Movies are the great way to bring your whole family together. Romantic, horror, action, thriller, animated – you can select any genre that your family loves to watch. Arrange some popcorns, soft drinks, snacks and share the moments of laughter, fun and excitement.

Fun games: Break the silence of your home by arranging the different games. From treasure hunt to the hide & seek, cricket to the monopoly you can haul out your family with any game. It is a best way to bring your entire family together. The selection of the games depends upon the age your kids and other members. Like if your kids are small you can play snake and ladder, chess, carom board, but if your kids are a little older outdoor games like football, cricket, basketball are far more better.

Cook together:

What can be more pleasing watching your whole family together where, dad is busy in cutting the vegetables, kids are moving here and there to bring out the ingredients while Mom is giving instructions..! Isn’t it amazing? Baking, cooking, dinning, dishwashing together can bring a lot of chaos and beautiful moments. You need to be a little more attentive while your kids in the kitchen, but the memories will be so worthwhile. Kitchen time will also help your kids to develop healthy eating habits that they will remember for the lifetime. They get to know the different ingredients, different recipes while your husband will also know how tough is to clean out the mess … lol

Enjoy these simple, but wonderful family bonding activities and don’t forget to share these tips around you 🙂

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