Hygiene habits for your toddler

When your little one reaches at the age of 3, it is the time to teach them some new healthy habits. Children are not born knowing how to wash hands, how to brush their teeth or how to take care of their bodies. They have to be taught by parents for the sake of their health and well-being. And obviously, no one wants their child to be the smelly kid in the class so it is important to teach them the basics of hygiene habits from a young age. Following are some of the helpful tips that can help you to instill proper hygiene habits in your child.

Proper hand washing Routine:

Keeping hands clean is amongst the most essential steps we can teach to our kids to avoid spreading germs to others and getting sick. Many life threatening diseases and conditions could spread by not washing hands with clean running water and soap. Teach your child to wash hands properly with soap after playing, before meals and after going to the bathroom. If your child finds it boring or showing less interest, you can make it fun by placing a cartoon shaped soap dispenser so your kid feels happy while hand washing.

Body care:

Spoiling, spilling, running, playing – it’s all about your little one gets into all time at home. Keeping your toddlers clean has always been a top priority for parents. Kids are less likely to adopt a habit that is taught by boring instructions so try to encourage your child by transforming the hygiene activity into a fun activity.
  • Do a dance while brushing the teeth each morning.
  • Use bath bubble to make funny shapes like beard and mustache or shampoo suds to turn their hair into spikes
  • Get their favorite toys into the bathtub and play some imaginative games. Tell them stories, cuddle them share laughter by doing this your toddler will never run away from taking the bath.

Post potty wiping:

Similar like brushing, hand washing this one is also important. Be sure to teach them the proper way of cleanup. Most parents find it difficult to teach this particular step. Its’ ok if your child is taking time while understanding the process. Be consistent and don’t give up. Always remind them to keep wiping until the toilet paper comes out clean. Most pediatricians suggest that to stay with your kid for the couple of weeks to make sure they are doing it in a proper way.

Keeping fingers out of the nose:

One of the favorite habit that your toddler feels pleasure while doing is – nose delving. It is a gross habit that not only embarrasses the parents in front of others, but it also brings several health issues for a child. Although it is a bit tricky to prevent your child from doing this, but the following tips will help you more.
  • Explain him the risks associated with this habit. Make him understand that by doing this he will get sick or get infected.
  • If you see your child inserting the fingers into their nostrils just make him concentrate towards any other activity or thing.
  • Sometime a child who picks his nose just needs to do something with his hands. So keep his hands busy. Buy them toys, colors or anything that can help to divert their attention.
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