Tips for potty training

Your child needs to learn so many new skills from his early childhood and potty training is one of them.

Many parents struggle hard to train their child, but they end up with frustration and anger. Before you start anything, we need you to keep few things in mind that can help you to maximize your success:

Patience really matters..!

  • Every child is different with its own set of skills. You may find many babies interpreting the body language, signs and signals from the really early age. While you may also find some toddlers who hardly eat properly without making a mess. So, if you have decided to start a potty training you need to go with patience..! Because it’s the key.
  • Potty training is more likely to be a success if you start it with the right state of mind and at the proper age.
  • Parenting is all about understanding your child’s body language, their signals, to know what they are trying to say.If you are starting to introduce potty, you first need to become master in interpreting your child language.
  • Don’t force your child. If your child is not ready instead of yelling or scolding motivate them. If you put pressure on your child may become stubborn. Resistance might make you uncomfortable, but consider it as a part of this process.

How to start the Potty Training?


Get the things ready for the training. Buy a colorful potty for your child and keep it in your room so your child can get familiar with this. Ease of access, comfort and frequency is also important to count. Make your child to spend more time with the chair, let him know that it is purposeful and he can do more with the chair apart from sitting.


  • Encourage your child to sit on the potty chair before or after taking the naps, after the meals or before going to the night’s sleep. This will help to develop a habit of using the potty chair.
  • If your child has any specific time of doing pee or poo each day, just take off their nappy and ask them to sit on the potty chair. This will make them to understand the use of a potty chair.
  • Praise your little one for every single step that he takes towards the use of a potty chair.
  • If your child has any specific language or any specific word referring to the movement of bowls or urination suggest them to use the potty.
  • Every time when your child gets off from potty have their hands washed with soap. This will help to develop a habit of washing hands after using the potty or bathroom.
  • Always keep your child in comfortable and easy removing cloths like pull up pants so they can simply remove them off when they need to pee or poo.
  • If you have a babysitter, caretaker or nanny share the same ideas with them also so they will follow the same tricks.



  • Everyone makes mistakes so that your little one too. You can expect so much fuss, accidents, resistance, but stay calm and motivate your child.
  • If your child easily learns the things that you are making him to learn, praise him. This will encourage him to learn more frequently.
  • Once if your child has successfully developed the habit of using a potty chair, now make him use the toilet instead of a potty.

We hope that this article will surely help the parents who are looking to get rid of those diapers. If you have any other tip please feel free to comment it.

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