Your baby first-year milestones

It’s amazing how fast babies develop and grow in their first year. On average, a newborn is likely to grow 10 inches by his/her first birthday with a triple weight.

The excitement and anticipation of each new developmental milestone – watching him crawl, taking the first step, hearing his first word – is pleasurable and out of the world experience. These developmental milestones can help pediatricians and parents to track baby’s behavioral and physical growth. One more thing to remember that, each child is unique and develops at their own pace.

Consider these milestones as a guideline. As a parent, you don’t need to compare your baby’s developments to your sibling’s or friends infants.So here are some of the expected milestones that your baby is going to accomplish during his/her first year..!

Newborn to 1 month

  • The initial days with your newborn infant can be a blur of changing diapers, feeding, responding to her wails and setting her to sleep. Right after the few weeks, your baby will start recognizing your sound and take a more notice of your touch, face and voice.
  • Your baby can’t focus more than 10 to 30 cm away so talk with them just from the right distance so he can respond effectively.
  • Try to turn your baby’s head from side to side (especially towards diffused light) while lying on his/her back.
Possible concerns: As stated above, each child grows at his own pace, but consults with your pediatrician if your baby:
  • Doesn’t respond to your sound
  • Doesn’t react to bright colors or lights
  • Doesn’t seem to watch things moving or focus their eyes
  • Doesn’t suck well or feed properly


1 to 3 months


  • Turns head towards the direction of sound
  • Imitate some sound and begins to babble
  • Recognize people and familiar objects
  • Follow the moving objects with the eyes
  • Grasp the small toys. Start bringing hands towards the face or mouth
  • He can open and close his hands.

Possible Concerns:


  • Ignore new faces
  • Doesn’t respond towards the sound or moving objects
  • Doesn’t smile or doesn’t grasp the toys
  • Can’t support his head well

7 months


  • Your baby will show interest in the reflective images
  • He will enjoy playing the peek-a-boo
  • Identify emotions by the tone of voice – if you pretend to scold he will recognize the emotion and start to cry
  • Mature distance vision and develops a full color vision
  • Transfer toys from one hand to another
  • Struggle to get the objects that are placed at a distance
  • Starts to sit
  • Start rolling his body from back to stomach and stomach to back
Possible Concerns:
  • If your baby doesn’t reach for the objects
  • Isn’t affectionate with the objects close to him
  • Can’t sit on her own
  • If your baby is not able to hold his head steady
  • Seems very floppy or stiff
  • Doesn’t roll over on his own

8 months to 1 year:

  • Cling to parents when they see new faces. May show anxiety
  • When an image is named he will begin to look at the correct picture
  • Find hidden objects easily
  • Explore objects by dropping, throwing, shaking or banging
  • Points to objects when named. Like a ball, teddy bear or where is mommy
  • He uses minor gestures such as waving bye, hand shake, saying no by turning the head
  • Begin to walk by holding furniture or even take a few steps without support
  • Sits without assistance, crawl and get into knees-and hands position.
Possible concerns:
  • Doesn’t crawl
  • Doesn’t explore the objects
  • Doesn’t sit without support

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