Birthday planning for your child

The special day of your little one is approaching and you are starting to wonder how to organize this special day to be memorable for both your child and his/her friends.

Fear not, you will find below some ideas on how to plan the perfect birthday party for everyone to enjoy.



The easier way to go, it’s to build the party around a main theme.

Think about the interests of your child, a cartoon, game, sport,…or you could directly ask them what would they like their party to be about , pirates, prince and princess,…after all it is their party 😉



Where are you going to organize this party? In your own place, in the garden,… at a theme park, bowling, ice skating,… some of the places might have a birthday planning service where you won’t have much preparation (and cleaning) to do. Obviously, these places will come with a price.


Guest list

You can invite family members, close friends and of course your child’s friends.
Too little guest might be boring while too many guest will be overwhelming, between 5 to 15 guests would be the ideal number of people for your party.

When your child is old enough (around 4-5 years old) you can ask him to help you making the list of friends to invite.

Make and send invitations

Here at TheKidZshow, we are all about family bonding activities, making handcrafted invitations with your child would be a great craft and bonding activity for both you and your child.


Make gift bags

Want to make sure your little guests will have a wonderful memory from your party?
Prepare some small gift bags for each of the children attending the party.
Small toys, candies and chocolates, masks, stickers, temporary tattoos, … it doesn’t have to be anything expensive but it’s better if they are in accordance with the theme of the party.


Prepare food

Depending if you are planning a lunch/dinner or just an afternoon with snacks, better do something simple and cheap like pizzas, sandwiches, ice creams… with 2 or 3 choice of fillings/toppings such as classic cheese, which pretty much everybody will eat.

Remember that you are planning a party firstly for your child and his/her friends and not for adults.
Make sure to be aware of any food allergies within your guest so you can plan ahead your menu.

Of course the cake will be the masterpiece of the meal.

It will be best to decorate it following the theme of the party.
You can also do something a bit different such as cupcakes to replace the classic birthday cake.


Organize games and activities

Depending of  the ages of the children, plan some games and activities to keep them entertain.

If your budget allows it, you could also hire and entertainer (Clowns, magician, balloon artist,…). If budget and place allow it, why not rent an inflatable castle to install in the garden.
Budget friendly activities can also be a lot of fun for the children. Craft a bracelet, a treasure hunt, making a  photo frame, clay modeling,… are some ideas for cheap and fun things to do.

A pinata would be a good addition to the party also, fill it with small toys and candies and look for the children run to it once open 🙂

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