How to childproof your home

Having your little bundle of joy walking or more precisely crawling in your house is one of the best feelings of life. Those little angels spread happiness wherever they go. But, that happiness can be stained when they break expensive mantle and decoration pieces and other stuff. Because, they are unaware of the barriers in their happy walk and will walk straight into a door sometimes. You will never want your baby hurt by any of the home appliances and electronics or any other thing. So, in order to prevent your baby getting hurt, you need to “Baby-proof” your house.

From the moment your baby starts crawling till he reach the age of 4 or 5, he will be in constant danger of getting hurt. Baby proofing becomes essential because your house is the place your baby will ideally be spending most of his time in. So, you need to keep an eye out for him always and be very cautious of his movements. Baby proofing means to ensure whatever your child pulls, open and play with will not harm him. Let him play freely but also monitor his actions to keep him safe and sound. Now, there are a number of ways in which you can ensure your child’s safety and baby proof the whole house.

Baby proofing the stairs

If your child has a tendency to run a lot. Unguarded stairs could become a huge problem. In order to make your stairs safe, try to carpet them and installing a security railing to prevent your child from falling. Install fire extinguishers at the top and bottom of the staircase so that they are easily reachable in case of any emergency.

Baby proofing the kitchen

It is quite possible that while you are at home, most of the time you are in the kitchen making delicious recipes to satisfy your taste buds and make nutritious food for your family. So, naturally when your little one is looking you, ideally he would look in the kitchen first. If he doesn’t find his mommy there, he would start playing around with things while you are busy somewhere else. Now, the kitchen is no safe place for a little child to be in. With cooking range, home and electronic appliances, your child is at a great risk to hurt himself with either a burn of an electric shock. In order to prevent that, you need to change a few things.

  • Firstly, put all your detergents and cleaning supplies into top cabinets.
  • Then, move all the sharp utensils as knife, cutter and others to the top shelves as well.
  • Unplug small devices and install insulations in plugs to prevent your child from getting a shock.
  • Also, cover the lid of the cooking range very carefully while you move out of the kitchen.


Baby proofing the living room

In the living room where furniture becomes the greatest hurdle in a child’s path. He may get hit by the sharp sides of the sofas and tables. In order to baby proof your living area, you need to:

  • Install cushioned guards to sharp-cornered surfaces
  • Move furniture away from windows to prevent baby from falling out
  • Attach the TV to a table security so that baby will not be able to pull it down by himself
  • Install picture hooks which are heavy weights to prevent pictures from falling down


Baby proofing your child’s toys

Children love playing toys. Especially those blocks ones which encourage them to build different things. Although, now a days, children are likely to play video games but, the love of toys will never wear off. But most of the toys are dangerous to your child as he might get himself hurt due to sharp and pointy edges. So in order to protect your child, you need to buy him a good quality plastic toy with soft edges which are specially designed for kids. Popular kids store like “Toys R us” will provide you with a number of varieties of baby proof toys to choose from which are not harmful for your child.

At the end, remember to go in for small details like installing soft shrugs, baby care products, and special aid kit in your child’s room. Always keep physicians’ number at a handy place and keep few numbers like fire extinguisher, medical help assistant and others in case of emergency. Learn basic first aid for kids so that you can help your child in case of any injury.

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