How to establish a bedtime routine

Having a little baby in your house is a joy in itself. The little one lights up every sphere of your life. Your little bundle of joy is probably the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you. As little babies sleep almost all the time for the first few days. Setting a bed time routine for them is a little hard. Although, you may have heard from different moms in your locality that having a bedtime routine is very helpful, however, educating a child to schedule his sleeping is a daunting task. One which requires not only efforts, but patience and time as well.

As a mother, the entire birth process must have tired you a lot and having a crying baby who isn’t sleeping is a difficult situation. It may seem a likely way to cuddle your baby in your lap and comfort him by rocking him forwards and backwards, but as the days pass, the baby gets tuned to it. So, it will become imperative that every time he/she sleeps, you’ll have to cuddle him to sleep. Now, this sounds acceptable as an occasional practice, but in routine, it will tire you out.

So, the best parenting advice for new mothers would be to educate your baby to sleep on time.

Now, there are many ways to establish a bedtime routine which is comfortable for your baby. Below we have listed some of the most useful and widely accepted practices which are used by mothers all over the world as a surefire way to transition baby to sleeping mode.

Start slowly


It is very important that you realize that you little angel is very small and inexperienced to adopt to your rigorous practices. Also, the mother is also exhausted due to baby birth. So, you both need time to chalk out a common routine which is effective and applicable as well. Start slowly and with very basic things at first. Babies would likely need to be fed every few hours, so their sleep routine is very in consistent in the first few weeks. What you need to do is to observe carefully the time span your baby sleep the longest. Once, you are confirmed that your baby usually sleeps at a particular time almost every day. You can slowly start practicing bed time routine an hour or half before that time. In this way, baby will not only comfortably adjust to the routine, but will also experience a more happy sleep.

Introducing the rituals


Nighttime rituals are the essential part of bed time routine. However, they should be incorporated slowly into your newborn’s life. Don’t hustle things. Just give time and maintain patience to have fruitful results. You can start with some of the best charms such as a soothing bath, cuddling your child, humming lullabies, reading bedtime stories and infant massages. These will not only relax the baby but will also allow him to have a peaceful sleep and will generate a habit in him to follow the routine in years to come.

Don’t let your baby sleep in your arms often


Yes, that little angel looks too good to be true and adorable as well. You will want to cuddle him to sleep every night. But, you have to keep healthy sleeping habits in mind as well because you are a parent now and it is your responsibility to help your child adopt healthy lifestyle practices. So, it is a good way to let your baby sleep on his own, you may hold him for as long as you like but it is best to let him sleep on his bed while he is still drowsy. It will also create ease for you as you won’t have to be there always to soothe the baby to sleep. It is a great practice if you are a working mother and have to work in late hours, because if the baby sleeps on his own. You won’t have to rush to his room all the time.

We hope you like the article and the points mentioned will help you with scheduling your child’s life. For more information on parenting and tips on how to’s, Scroll down and read some of our best articles to get an expert parenting insight.

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