How to prepare your child for his first dentist visit

Having a crying baby who is too afraid for his dental appointment for the first time in his entire 3 or 4 years of life is a challenging situation. Now you are trying to buzz him out of the house, towards the car and into the dental clinic. But, he is constantly resisting and crying out aloud that he doesn’t want to go. Now, there are only two options left, either you can drag him into going to the dentist or eventually cancel the visit.

This situation is common with parents who have not previously educated their child with dental education. It is very important that you develop the attitude of health care among your children. Mostly children fear the noises, all those machines and equipment and the general atmosphere of the dental clinic on the whole. So, in order to shift their perspective from resistant towards helping will be of a lot more benefit to you.

Below we mention some of the tips you could use to help prepare your child for his first dental visit.

Always refer to a kid friendly- dentist

It is often seen, that parents take their child to their family doctor. Now, what happens is that most of the time, your family doctor is not an expert dentist in regards to children. Treating children with an attitude that helps them relax and eliminate fear is the quality which is found in kid- friendly dentist. So, do your research and book an appointment with an experienced dentist who has prior experience of dealing with kids and knows how to tackle them in difficult situations.

Visit beforehand with your child

It is also a helpful practice to visit the place with your child beforehand. This will eliminate the fear of your child drastically. And he will be able to adjust and calm down a bit for his appointment. You can also let your child meet with the doctor prior to the appointment so that he could develop a friendly bond with the dentist and go through the whole procedure effortlessly.

Show him by using the equipment on your own self

In order to get rid of the fear of heavy machinery and equipment from your child’s mind. Show him how easily it is done by presenting yourself as a subject to the dentist. In this way your child will feel more comfortable and relaxed
during examination.

Offer rewards and prizes

Rewards and prizes have been proven to be the best magnet to attract a child’s attention. Offer him his favorite candy bar or sweets or anything he likes the most, as a reward for getting through the examination. It is easy to life your child’s spirit by constantly reminding him of the reward he would get by going through his dental examination without causing any trouble.

Educate and show him the importance

Although a child might not understand the health benefits and other extensive details. You can always start from the basics by telling him that how good it feels to have great teeth. Tell him about how you had your dental appointments and show him pictures of kids with beautiful teeth and tell him he could have them if he visits the dentist and that he would look very pretty. In this way, your child will think about it as a good way to get those ideal childhood pearls.

Prevent nasty pictures and videos from your child

It is quite possible that your child sees some horrible image of a child during the dental assessment or a video explaining the process. Now, this will have a lasting effect on his brain and he will think about it all the time and whenever the subject of dental appointment will rise, he will eventually panic. Now, to prevent such a situation from happening, avoid all such material, be it photos or videos as best as you can from your child. Show him nice pictures of babies flashing beautiful teeth. Your child will have those pictures in mind and is quite possible is looking forward eagerly to the appointment.

We hope by following the aforementioned tips, you will be able to help prepare your child for his first dental visit. To know more about parenting and child health, check out our large variety of articles containing several tips and tricks to help you with effective parenting.

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