Ways to enjoy the sun safely for your child

Enjoying the sun with your children outdoors, whether it is a beach picnic or water sports, etc. is a very healthy activity. It will not only equip your children and of course, yourself with vitamin D because sunrays contain bulk amounts of it, but will also provide an ideal leisure time to relax with your family. Vitamin D is very essential for body growth. It helps in strengthening your bones by absorbing calcium.

But, you have to keep in mind. Although, it is fun to be out at the beach and enjoying the sun. But, repeated exposure can be dangerous for your health. Yes, vitamin D is necessary for the body. But, for that long interval in the sun are not required. Sunlight contains many harmful rays such as Ultra Violet (UV rays), UVB and UVC rays. Among them, UVC rays are the most dangerous and thankfully are blocked by ozone layer form reaching the Earth.

Children have the most sensitive skin and they need special care in order to maintain healthy skin. They are at higher risk of establishing various skin disease and skin cancers like Melanoma. You have to keep special care to protect your child against sun burns, because they can be very dangerous and can cause skin cancer in later stages of life.

So, then it becomes necessary that you take certain steps to ensure your child’s safety and health. Below you will find some of the most useful and easy to do things and ways to help you protect your child from harmful sun rays in the meanwhile, letting him enjoy outdoor activities as well.

To cover most parts of the skin

It is a very good tip. If your child likes to play a lot in sun wearing his shorts, you might want to change a bit of his clothing. Try shifting towards clothes which cover most part of his body. Summer dresses are often designed in a way which exposes shoulders and neck which get easily burned. So, avoid such kinds of dresses for your child. In this way you can protect sensitive parts of his body from being attacked by sun’s harmful rays.

Always apply sunscreen while out in the sun

Although it is widely practiced. But still, as a parent your child’s health comes as first priority to you. Make sure he wears sun screen always before going out into the sun. There are different varieties of sunscreens available in the market. Choose the one which is specially made for children and protect against harmful UV rays. If your child like outdoor sports such as swimming, zorbing and others, the best practice would be use a waterproof sun screen which will not wash away easily. An ideal time for applying sun screen would be 15-20 minutes before your child gets out in the sun and re-applying the sunscreen after every two hours so that maximum protection is ensured. Mostly, children are always in a hurry to go out and play and great a great mess if you start putting sunscreen all over their body. So, to help such a situation, it is a good practice to apply sunscreen on yourself first. Children are great imitators. They try to imitate anything they see their elders doing. So, if you do it, your child will eventually settle for opting it as a habit.

Use hats and sunglasses

Outdoors to protect against the sun, you can cover the face of your child with a hat to block sunlight from affecting your child’s health. Opt for a hat which is wide enough to cover his ear lobes and entire face. There are huge varieties of summer hats available in the market which are fun to wear and offer great design choices as well. Wearing sunglasses is also a good practice. It will protect the harmful rays from affecting your child’s eyes. Try to make it a habit for your child as well as yourself to wear sunglasses and hat while you are outdoors. Always be on the look for sun burns, mostly what happens is that they go unnoticed for the first few days, turning form slight pink to darker shades. Report to your doctor immediately in such a case to solve the matter earlier.

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